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Prism Wallet

The goal of the Prism wallet is to decouple personal trust from caliber to build a more democratic, higher-quality, “trustless” labor market on the blockchain.
The wallet acts as user’s profiles that grants access to Prism - job boards, talent/client profiles, staking, governance, etc. The wallet holds users' unique chain of verified professional experiences - $BRCK tokens earned through the platform - as well as other off-chain personal data and preferences.
What is a wallet?
  • A cryptocurrency wallet is a device or program that stores your cryptocurrency keys and allows you to access your coins.
  • Wallets contain a public key (the wallet address) and private key needed to sign cryptocurrency transactions. Anyone who knows the private key can control the coins associated with that address/wallet.
  • There are several different types of wallets, each with its own features and levels of security.


Career Development
Data Privacy & Ownership
Cross-Platform Functionality
Users can provide self-pupulated, forward-looking information on their career goals to power certain, additional platform functionality. For example, goals may be shared with clients/connectors or incorporated into AI/ML-powered matching algorithms so talent is presented with opportunities to advance their career at opportune moments vs. more of the same work. We hope that Prism can provide such mechanisms as a proxy for career development provided to full-time employees.
We also envision rewarding users for providing support to community members along their professional journeys. The goal is to improve the flow of reliable knowledge on professional topics relevant to freelancers. This may manifest through forums, master-classes, workshops, or even 1-on-1 coaching.
Core to the wallet is the concept of a self-sovereign identity whereby individuals own their data and control their digital professional identity. This is counter to existing platforms that aggregate and monetize data.
On Prism, users will be empowered to share varying levels of information. For example, users can have a detailed profile that appeals to corporate clients or a fully “anon” profile to apply to DAO projects. This is akin to having different versions of a resume for different employers.
Prism users will be directly compensated via tokens for populating their Prism wallet and sharing details that power platform functionality (e.g. keeping their availability up-to-date, sharing work-styles, etc.). By enabling users to monetize their data, we create an economy around the ownership and transfer of valuable career-related information that clients are willing to pay for, via fees.
The wallet gives users access to the Prism community and marketplace. We envision users will also be able to carry their wallet through the growing ecosystem of WorkTech products, akin to a “professional passport.” This will faciliate automatic sharing of verified information across platforms, reducing friction and uncontrolled data trails.
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