Collective Benefits

Prism can be thought of as a "member-owned digital employment cooperative." As such, members should not only share in the profits, but also the benefits a large entitiy can offer.

Considering that freelancers typically work solo, they are subjected to repeat basic tasks which may otherwise be automated or outsourced to other departments within a company. In addition, companies capture value through economies of scale provided by a large workforce. The Prism community can act as a psuedo-employer and put the weight of the community behind collective benefits.

Below are examples of collective benefits that could be offered to Prism members:

  • Workers Insurance

  • Equipment Insurance

  • Health Insurance

  • Collective Action

  • Tax & Banking

  • Pension

  • Other Perks/Discounts (e.g. software)

These services may be offered for additional fees, or, ideally, Prism scales to the point that fees collected from clients along with token value appreciation can cover costs for freelancers.

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