Prism Tokenomics


Prism’s unique tokenomic structure will enable:

  • Digitization of professional experience via the blockchain, which facilitates "trustless" communication of key information between uknown parties, speeding time-to-hire.

  • Data and identity ownership via the wallet and soulbound tokens, which enables individuals to take charge of their professional persona and information across platforms -- no more filling out multiple profiles or applications.

  • Long-term career development via staking in talent’s potential, which improves overall platform quality because success of individuals drives success of the whole and all users have a a share in the upside.

  • Sustainable platform growth via rewards for vetted referrals, which maintains quality membership and reduces sales/marketing costs -- savings can be reinvested into the community.

  • Industry-low fees by eliminating unnecessary organizational overhead, which reduces disintermediation and maintains a stable, trusted community.

  • Instant payout settlement by storing payments upfront in escrow, which alleviates risk to both talent and employers.

  • Effective dispute resolution by automating and rewarding a communal jury process, which disincentivizes bad actors and creates upfront trust in the system.



Prism is built for talent, skilled freelancers, first and foremost. We believe that existing freelance platforms do not prioritize talent and as such, fail to serve their value creation engine.


Clients are individuals make hiring decisions on behalf of organizations. Therefore, clients can build their personal Prism reputation and earn tokens, independent of their own employer.

Organizations will also be able to build ther on-chain reputation; however, the referrals that power Prism should be personal, i.e. between individuals.


Connectors are individuals who have large networks and actively connect people in their network with each other, or with external parties when an opportunity arises, because it brings the connector satisfaction/social credibility or for monetary compensation.

Connectors are essentially our distributed sales force. They will play a key role building the Parity network/community by identifying and attracting early adopters.

More broadly, connectors may include traditional recruiters, individuals in “people” roles at small/large companies, “high-network individuals” who have organically built large networks, and platform operators at VCs.

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