Job Board

The core of Prism's marketplace is a job board where employers can broadcast opportunities to the network. The job board will be accessible only to Prism wallet holders.

Employers will mint tokens for posting jobs to incentivize healthy demand. Prism will require a mechanism to protect against abuse of repeat or false jobs.

Matching Mechanisms

We envision filtering and recommendation functionality to ease the job search for talent.

We also anticipate connectors will play a key role recommending talent to employers, and vice versa (employers to talent).

Clients may stake tokens to a job post to attract talent faster or appeal to higher level talent. Connectors might also have access to the stake for making a successful referral.

There may be an interesting opportunity for connectors to recommend jobs as well, increasing exposure. This would be akin to an employer referral for which connectors would receive tokens.

Lastly, Prism can offer an "expedite" service that automatically engages a highly vetted freelancer with a client for a higher fee (e.g. 30% fee instead of 10%). This can be executed through a smart contract, once there is sufficient talent data in the system, and/or by top-rated connectors.


The job board should also be kept up-to-date to deliver real-time value - there is nothing more frustrating than finding an interesting job post that has been filled.

Engaging with a job post will theoretically initiate smart contracts and a series of processes to make a hire; therefore, the system will know when a job has been filled through Prism and remove said job from the board. However, employers may be posting to various job boards. If a job gets filled outside of the Prism system, then the employer would have to manually remove the job. Therefore, Jobs will be displayed for X days before being removed to ensure that posts are up to date for freelancers. Post managers will receive an e-mail every X days asking which jobs are still active.

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