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A community-owned freelance talent platform, enabling users to build their professional reputation on the blockchain, scaling trust beyond immediate networks.

What is Prism?

Prism is a professional platform enabling the future of decentralized, freelance work by bridging the gap between talent and employers efficiently and equitably through on-chain reputation.

Today, freelancers (and employers) primarily rely on limited networks and word-of-mouth to find work (or employees). This highly analog process results from the need for personal relationships to establish trust.

Scaling trust digitally has been challenging for Web2 talent marketplaces. They have succeeded in creating large networks but struggled to vet quality. Platforms that "guarantee" quality, such as Toptal, rely on humans for the verification process, which is costly and not scalable. Consumers have also become weary of centralized entities that exploit user data, e.g. LinkedIn, and charge exorbitant fees, e.g. Upwork and Fiverr.

Prism will address trust and quality in the hiring process through Web3 infrastructure which enables users to build and share trustless professional data via the Prism blockchain. Traditional referrals will be augmented by token staking as a signal of confidence, or "proof-of-merit." Through staking, individuals making a referral (i.e. connectors) have real skin-in-the-game, and this financial and reputational risk acts as a universal signal to strangers thus establishing trust in a "trustless" system. As such:

  • Prism shifts trust from limited personal networks to a limitless digital network, creating more opportunities for transactions, or employment.

  • Strong personal networks which formerly advantaged the priviledged few are no longer a prerequisite for success - Prism helps all talented individuals land their next job.

  • Operating on the blockchain creates efficiencies at scale, which lowers costs for all stakeholders and promotes a sustainable system.

What does "trustless" mean?
  • Trustlessness in the blockchain and crypto space means you do not need to place your sole trust in strangers, institutions or third parties in order for a network or marketplace to function.

  • The system creates trust by automatically executing pre-defined, immutable code (i.e. smart contracts); therefore, users put their trust into the soundness of the code, rather than the moral standing of the person or entity who would otherwise execute the transaction.

  • In addition, transaction records are held throughout the entire community (decentralized network) instead of a centralized authority, like LinkedIn.

Our goal is to create an additive, rather than extractive, community that supports freelancers' professional growth while helping clients remain agile. When we help community members grow professionally and succeed, that means Prism is growing and succeeding. Therefore, mechanisms that check and improve quality, such as staking and community mentorship, will be central to Prism's offering.

Lastly, we believe that freelance talent and startups will benefit the most from the Prism network given the unique challenges of these labor markets.

Prism is comprised of a wallet, tokens, marketplace, and community:

  • The wallet facilitates on-platform transactions, such as staking, earning, and receiving tokens

  • Tokens enable reputation-building ($BRCK) and community participation/ownership ($PRSM)

  • The marketplace connects vetted freelancers with vetted startups

  • The community provides all-around support

Through Prism, users can:

  • Find reputable talent and employers without the need for vast personal networks or time-consuming relationship building/vetting

  • Own their work data, deciding upon permissions and monetizing the information they choose to share

  • Carry self-sovereign professional identity/data across an expanding product suite and partner WorkTech ecosystem

  • Build on-chain provenance around reputation through non-transferrable soulbound $BRCK tokens that enable trustless transactions

  • Share in the upside of Prism's growth through $PRISM tokens

  • Receive peer-to-peer community support as a proxy for outdated HR departments

  • Have a voice in the future of Prism via the DAO

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